Updated Wednesday January 21, 2015 by Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association .


Part A: Convenor Introduction      
The role of the Convenor at the Community Centre is critical for the program to operate.  Their duties include planning and promoting the program in their area, handling registration, constructing teams and recruiting, supporting and managing coaches.

The following are some tips on running the best program for your area:

Communication. Most problems and issues rise out of a lack of communication between different parties. It is important that you are readily available to assist your coaches and parents by forwarding information from the league, the club and other teams. It is suggested that you host a meeting with all your coaches to go over the expectations and policies the league and your Community Centre has. 

Organization. Be prepared for the paperwork before you become overloaded with it. Keep all information (such as this workbook) readily available at all times. Other information that you will have to keep includes all registration forms (club and league), birth certificates, club transfer information, finances, fundraising, contact lists, etc. 

Be patient. Most new clubs/ convenors will probably need one full year in the position to “master” it.  Talk to veteran convenors and ask for some different ideas.  Understand that all your coaches are volunteers.  Remind the coaches that you too are a volunteer and, in all likelihood, are also a coach in the league!

Attend all meetings. The WMBA and your club plan regular meetings to update the membership and deal with issues as they develop. Make every effort to attend the meeting or send a representative if you can’t make it. By not attending a meeting, you and your teams may be missing out on vital information such as new policies / rules, updates, new dates, etc. 

Commitment.  You’ve already shown your commitment by the fact that you have volunteered to coordinate youth basketball in your area.  Stick with your responsibilities and don’t be deterred from making your program the envy of all other clubs!

Have fun! Sometimes we forget why we get involved in sports and get wrapped up in the ugly “politics”.  Keep your attitude positive and learn from your experiences.  If your efforts can add to the growth and development of the children in your area, then you are doing the right thing!

You will be faced with different challenges throughout the year, but if you take the time and follow these few suggestions, the experience will be rewarding to yourself and all others involved in your program!