Fair Play Submission Form

Updated Monday December 1, 2014 by Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association .

Thank you for taking the time to submit a Fair Play Submission Form.  Your feedback is important to the league!

Please review the league rules regarding equal playing time and provide specific examples/ violations from the game regarding how this coach has violated rule B-1-A and B-1-B.  The WMBA Fair Competition Committee asks that you provide the most information you can pertaining to the incident so they can perform a review.





B-1-A    All community club players who attend an entire game must receive equal playing time as the other players on their team in that game.


Teams in all Divisions 4-18 must substitute their player’s at all mandatory substitutions throughout all league and playoff games.


  1. The clock will stop at 4 minute intervals throughout the game: 1st and 3rd quarters: 6 minutes and 2 minutes remaining on the clock, 2nd and 4th quarters: 8 minutes and 4 minutes remaining on the clock.

  2. During these stoppages of play 5 new players from the bench must be subbed in. Teams with less then 10 players must sub all players that are sitting on the bench.

  3. The last 4 minutes of the game is stop time. Exception: Girls 9 and under Boys 10 and under will not have stop time.

  4. In the last 4 minutes of the game AFTER the 4 minute substitution occurs, coaches can substitute any players at their leisure.



Coaches are not allowed to make up time for missing part of a game (e.g. a player arrives or leaves at halftime). If a player can only play part of the game, the player must be played as if the entire game had been attended. For example, if there are 10 players on the team and a player shows up at halftime, that player still cannot double shift to make up the shifts or time that was lost by the player being unavailable in the first half.


B-1-B    At the specified time, play will stop and 3 or 4 new players (ages 4 to 7) or 5 new players (ages 8 to 18) must be on the floor (if available).  


    Shifting rules:

- if there are 6 players, each player should sit a maximum of three times

- if there are 7 players, each player is allowed to be triple shifted twice

- if there are 8 players, no triple shifts are allowed and there is a maximum of three double shifts per player

- if there are 9 players, each player may be double shifted once

- for teams of 10 or more, no double shifting is allowed



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