Fair Play

Updated Friday February 28, 2014 by Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association .


Fair Play Codes

The WMBA strongly believes in fostering the development of its members, coaches, officials, parents and especially the athletes.  Fair Play by definition is based on three main principles – INTEGRITY, FAIRNESS and RESPECT.  Fair Play refers to more than just equal playing time.  It is expected that everyone involved with the WMBA will uphold the Fair Play Policies that the WMBA has adopted.

As we are involved with the development of young people, the WMBA wants every child’s experience with the league to be positive.  We want everybody to experience success, but also want to emphasize the importance of skill development and fun.  It is important that we all have a clear understanding of what Fair Play is, and that we work together toward common Fair Play goals.  Our older athletes need to be reminded of the importance of Fair Play and our younger athletes need to be taught Fair Play effectively so that it becomes an important part of their overall development.

The Five Ideals of Fair Play as identified by the Commission for Fair Play

  1. Respect the rules
  2. Respect the officials and accept their decisions
  3. Respect your opponent
  4. Give everybody an equal chance to participate
  5. Maintain your self control at all times


The following are the Fair Play Policies that the WMBA has adopted and expects each one of the parties identified to respect.


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